Friday, May 11, 2007

So, Argos is some kinda catalogue

So, anyone who knows me probably knows that one of the few new bands I'll rave about is Art Brut. I've interviewed lead singer Eddie Argos on his two Seattle visits, and I'm awaiting their new album, It's A Bit Complicated (due out in late June) anxiously, not to mention some announcement of a real North American tour later this summer or early fall.

In the interim, however, I've discovered that those desperate for a bit more Art Brut can, apparently, turn in to the website of UK's newspaper-of-record, The Guardian, where Argos is a guest blogger/columnist.

(P.S., I recently acquired a pink oxford shirt myself, K.P. having made comments about it on the rack at the Gap as something Eddie Argos would wear. Given her none too well described crush, I had to get it and now wear it frequently.)

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