Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Seattle Sinner's 3rd Anniversary Party

Last night, Kasia and I ventured out in the bitter cold and headed down to the Catwalk off Pioneer Square for The Seattle Sinner's Third Anniversary Party. In the past, we'd put up burlesque performers, circus people, gauche magicians, and industrial rock bands which uused copious amounts of fake blood. This year's party, sadly, I have to admit was a mixed bag. Burning Hearts and PURE Circus were phenomenal, but the bands, I thought, left a little to be desired.

Kasia and I arrived about 8 pm for a theoretically pre-show art party. Sadly, we were a little short on art, though the girls of Burning Hearts were kind enough to set up a display to have your photo taken with a burlesque dancer. During the pre-show party, our opening musicial act Kled played a short set. How to describe the artistry of Kled...? I described it as "inbred, hillbillie heavy metal," whereas Kasia, who liked them, simply noted that they could have sung the theme to Adult Swim's Squidbillies. She also noted (quite accurately, I think), that the band was a great sort of Andy Kaufman-esque joke. They were certainly better musicians than they necessary let on, and on the whole, it was a fun show.

Around nine o'clock, the first of our friends arrived. Laura and John, as well as their friend Tom (looking great and fitting in with a lovely skirt), a young woman whose name escapes me, and someone I've never met before, wandered in looking a little out-of-sorts. John was having some trouble with sensory overload, but we got them drinking soon enough and they seemed to at least reasonably enjoy themselves while they were there.

The MC of the event was more or less the head of PURE Cirkus (formerly PURE Suspension), a pale-faced clown. Last February at our Valentine's Day show, PURE put on a hell of an act, with the lead female performer doing a phenomenal piece of work with a heart woven into pins in her chest. This year, there were more performers and the act really did have more of a circus rather than sideshow air. The first performance (which I sadly got no pictures of) was a bed of nails routine--very cool. I gotta say, PURE is an act not to miss, and the assholes at the Fremont Solstice Parade, who booted them for being "violent," were really just denying the people a great performance.

Unfortunately, the noise level seemed to drive away John, Laura & Co., and they departed sometime after ten o'clock. Fortunately, by about 10:45 our friend Alan finally got there. Ah, Alan--always cool enough to rely on. By this point, the second musical act was on. I can't say I was a big fan. They had some rudiments of a stager show, but their music was basically propelled by identical fast-paced beats, at which point I was compelled to inquire of Kasia (more an industrial music fan than I) exactly why most industrial bands don't seem to know all their songs sound the same. Her answer, due to the consumption of alcohol and the ear-bleeding volumes, is lost to history.

Following their set, Burning Hearts put on their first act, as well as a compelling suspension performance from PURE. Unfortunately, exhaustion was setting in, and Kasia, Alan and I had to leave. On the bus on the way home we once again ran into John, Lauura & Co., who had apparently sought food and drink from more ear-friendly venues in downtown or Belltown. Back in the U-District, Kasia and I got a couple pieces of pizza and headed home shortly after midnight. In short, a fun time, but not the coolest Sinner party we've ever done.


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